Through LoadBoard Network on RevenovaTMS, users can instantaneously post and remove loads to dozens of load boards

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Bannockburn, Ill. – According to Mark Draeb, founder of LoadBoard Network, removing loads in a timely fashion is just as important as posting freight to a load board.

“Users can manage their loads, like a spreadsheet,” Draeb said. “They can add and remove loads automatically. We automatically take loads off as well. That’s as important as actually getting them out there, as we all know.”

LoadBoard Network integrated with RevenovaTMS in 2022, soon after LoadBoard Network launched.

“The Load Board Network solution makes it easy to post and remove loads across a wide variety of boards,” Revenova co-founder Mike Horvath said. “Using TMS workflow, loads get posted and removed automatically eliminating manual processes.”

“There are constantly new freight brokers coming online. There are new carriers constantly coming online. How do they find each other? Load boards are one of the ways,” Draeb said. “Load boards are getting very tech savvy as well.”

Since 2000, Draeb has reinforced the need for traditional load board postings, weathering technology changes and what he suggests is an existential question.

“There’s always been the question as to whether or not load boards need to exist, and then at the same time, there are continuously companies really looking to ‘disintermediate’ the freight broker,” Draeb said. “That has been going on since I’ve been in this arena, and I’m sure even longer than that. Load boards are starting to get into freight matching. A freight broker posts a load, and now they’re matching to carriers who may have a mobile app from the load board. They know exactly where that carrier is going to be, what kind of equipment they have, and they do a match on it that lets the carrier know about a particular load that might be of interest. [The match] can send that come immediately back to the freight broker. The load boards continuously increase their viability for the space.”

RevenovaTMS users can take advantage of LoadBoard Network by posting loads to dozens of load boards instantaneously.

“Within seconds, it shows up on 24 load boards. There are carriers all around the country that are getting notified of those loads,” Draeb said. “It’s a very slick integration. It’s very easy to set up, and once the integration is set up, it just happens. It just works.”

The simplicity of the integration helps users feel secure in posting and removing loads.

“When you’re working with RevenovaTMS, neither [LoadBoard Network or Revenova] is getting calls saying, ‘Hey, my load didn’t come off or my load didn’t get put on.’ That’s nice to have that kind of technology integration partner,” Draeb said.

“The load board integration is just the first step in the partnership,” Horvath said. “We are discussing other joint opportunities to expand the solutions we can deliver for customers to increase productivity, support better decision making and lower overall costs.”

With decades of experience in logistics, Draeb keeps a close eye on how changes across the industry affect the need for technology solutions that solve issues and improve efficiency.

“Probably the most significant change is carriers make their positions and their availability more publicly known, if you will,” Draeb said. “That opens up all kinds of opportunities that benefit both the carrier and the freight broker. That’s where I think load boards are leveraging that technology.”

LoadBoard Network integrates with a number of transportation management systems, but Draeb praised specific aspects of RevenovaTMS.

“I’ve integrated not just LoadBoard Network, but in a previous life, several other products as well,” Draeb noted. “It has always gone smoothly. When the Revenova team makes a decision, they do so quickly without dragging out the process. Once the decision is made, the execution has always been right on cue as far as that’s concerned. On top of that, RevenovaTMS is built on Salesforce. From a technology perspective, Revenova has always been rock solid.”

Watch an extended interview with Draeb about LoadBoard Network and the RevenovaTMS partnership below or Request a Demo.



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