Kleinschmidt, Revenova combine 40 years of experience to help customers navigate EDI, API

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Bannockburn, Ill. – Since 1986, Kleinschimdt has been recognized industry-wide for their EDI performance and unparalleled customer service. Since 2015, Kleinschmidt and Revenova have been helping customers establish EDI transactions and API connections for their mutual customers.

“Customer service is what sets us apart from other data integration providers,” Kleinschmidt CEO Dan Heinen added. “Since 1986, we’ve made customer service a priority, and it has been a foundational reason for our growth.”

Heinen credits Kleinschmidt’s success to a heavy focus on customer service coupled with being on the forefront of emerging technology in the EDI and API space. Now operating for nearly 40 years of business, the tech company connects with a multitude of shippers.

“Kleinschmidt serves more than 1500 separate connections to various shippers throughout the United States,” Heinen explained. “We have extensive knowledge of formats and how they get their business done. Customers leverage our experience, and we try to get new contracts up and running within 10 business days. They can start carrying their goods quickly without disrupting their service.”

As one of Revenova’s earliest integration partners, Kleinschmidt provides a deep well of industry and EDI knowledge.

“Recently, we added EDI 210s, which is an inbound vendor invoice,” Alyssa Norcross, a Senior Product Manager, said. “We worked with the customer and with Kleinschmidt to understand what’s the industry standard of what information they want to see within the TMS.”

When working with mutual customers, Revenova and Kleinschmidt have developed a strong relationship to make sure both the TMS and EDI provider put those customers in the best position to succeed.

“In fact, I know many of the customer service people at Revenova,” Jeff Tronina, an Account Executive at Kleinschmidt said. “We’re on a first name basis so we have a very good relationship with Revenova. We all have this higher knowledge of the files that we’re working with and expectations of shippers and the industry itself. It goes relatively seamless, and it actually leads to quicker uptime for the customer.”

The company’s VP of Client Services Mike Ullrich notes how swiftly tech and business continues to change in 2024.

“Older, slower communications protocols are now evolving with the internet and API integrations,” Ullrich said. “The industry itself has greater demands as far as real-time visibility, and the projects have become a bit more complex. As far as integrations are concerned, companies across the supply chain use ERPs and TMS systems that are all a little different. We help link them together with our expertise and our translation services.”

Even with EDI being a longstanding technology, Norcross added the importance of having a partner like Kleinschmidt with a long history of expertise in the space.

“Our customers ultimately find the greatest value in its scalability,” Norcross said. “It’s been around for a really long time, but it’s hard to find people that are specialized in EDI, and it’s often very expensive to find someone dedicated that you can hire at your own organization. Having Kleinschmidt to help basically allows you to outsource that work to a partner. That also brings scalability, especially with the smaller orgs that aren’t going to have that expertise. In order to play with a lot of customers and carriers, you need to have EDI enabled.”

Heinen echoed the same sentiment: EDI is a must-have for many shippers.

“Most of your shippers out there today want you to be digital compliant,” Heinen said. “They don’t want paper. They don’t want you to fax them or email them. That’s the old way of doing business. They want you to perform all of your transactions via EDI and/or JSON API connections. At Kleinschmidt, we’re there to help you get that done.”

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