Logistics of Logistics podcast talks CRM and TMS with Revenova

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Bannockburn, Ill. – Revenova co-founder Michael Horvath sat down with Joe Lynch, the host of the Logistics of Logistics Podcast, to talk about the power of the Salesforce customer relationship management platform behind Revenova TMS.

Throughout the interview, Lynch centered the discussion on the Revenova description, “CRM-powered Transportation Management System.” What does it mean? Why does it matter? Horvath’s experience as Revenova co-founder, EVP, and CMO shone through in his answers.

“We’ve been able to work with eight of the largest 115 brokers in North America,” Horvath said. “It’s more than just customer relationship management in our world. It’s about acquiring and retaining profitable relationships with customers and carriers. You’re selling to carriers, you’re marketing to carriers, you’re servicing your carrier base as a 3PL and broker. You can use these tools effectively for both the customer-facing teams and the carrier-facing teams in combination with the TMS. Our TMS natively includes all that core CRM capabilities of Salesforce and then you can add their native Sales Cloud, Service Cloud, and Marketing Cloud modules to supercharge that feature set if you want.”

Lynch touts more than 25 years of experience in the transportation and logistics industry and launched the podcast in 2010. Keeping with trending topics, Lynch and Horvath also talked about the rise of fraud in the industry. Horvath briefly touched on security measures present through most TMS providers, including Revenova TMS.

“Fraud is still a big problem,” Lynch lamented. “Being on a secure platform is really important. … Revenova built in a gated neighborhood. The dangerous neighborhoods are there still, we’re still having all sorts of problems. Increasingly, we see Fortune 500 companies requiring partners to be SOC-II compliant. I don’t even have to look and I know that Salesforce is. You guys built inside the gated neighborhood, there’s a guard at the gate! So some of those problems, you won’t experience.”

“It’s gotten even more complicated, and Salesforce adheres to these things,” Horvath replied. “Many of our customers are working in multiple countries: predominantly U.S., Canada, and Mexico. However some of our customers have users overseas and in other geographies. If you go to Trust.Salesforce.com, Salesforce lists all the locales for data storage in various countries around the globe. And to your point, that’s why we chose it. That’s a huge investment to keep that current and to fight off all the bad guys that are trying to break in and steal things. Salesforce spends a lot of money to do that, and they’ve been successful in preventing that. We sit on top of that and continue to build functionality that transportation professionals need.”

Listen to the Logistics of Logistics episode here.

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