Real-time automatic pricing feature headlines new RevenovaTMS release

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Bannockburn, Ill. – RevenovaTMS 7.11 has more than 60 new features and updates focused on automation, real-time pricing intelligence for the spot market, and user productivity in the transportation management system. Many of the features and updates came from Customer Requests. We’ve listed a select few below that prove most impactful for users. Each feature includes a video from our Product Management team explaining how this feature will make business operations better for RevenovaTMS users. To see demos of each feature, click the name of the feature or simply login to the Revenova Learning Center. Recordings of the demos are available on our YouTube page.

1. Lane IQ Network

RevenovaTMS 7.11 leads off with the LaneIQ Network: A centralized, anonymized database of carrier spot rates that can be used as an input into RateIQ. With constant, automatic updates, RevenovaTMS users who opt-in to the Network will receive the best spot-rate quoting numbers available within the Revenova LaneIQ Network.

2. Auto Create Quotes During Load Creation

Our product team affectionately calls this the ‘Save-n-Rate’ feature. With this new feature, users generate rates as soon as a new load gets created. As users take advantage of the automatically-created rates, it will ultimately save them time by reducing previously manual processes after installing the RevenovaTMS 7.11 release.

3. Ability to Mass Import 3rd Party User Credentials

Due to increased requests from partners to regularly update user API credentials, RevenovaTMS now gives users the ability to update and import user credentials en masse rather than manually updating dozens of credentials one by one. The ability for administrators to import credentials provides another layer of security for RevenovaTMS users.

4. Add ‘Load Email Communication Defaults’

RevenovaTMS values communication. With this update, RevenovaTMS users can identify who should routinely get emails that deal with loads, quotes, or other communications that are sent from the TMS. These internal contacts can be copied, blind copied, or noted as an additional direct recipient.

5. Auto-Apply Accessorials to the Load

With this new update, users will be able to ensure there are no ‘hidden costs,’ such as a surcharge for entering congested areas or taking loads into high-cost states, during quoting. This helps provide greater transparency to customers without having to worry over the accuracy of a quote, as the accessorial charges are already accounted for. Our product team anticipates building upon this in future releases.

6. Load Tracking Enhancements for Administrators

This update makes tracking loads even easier within RevenovaTMS. Additional settings and defaults allow users to save time tracking each of their loads. RevenovaTMS already connects with partners allowing for advanced tracking. With the enhancements for all users in the RevenovaTMS 7.11 update, customers can save time between check calls, or call even less frequently with the confidence that load tracking will be updated with higher frequency and reliability.

7. Falvey Insurance API updates

Revenova always strives to improve our partnerships. In 7.11, Revenova and Falvey Insurance installed greater automation for adding insurance to loads for customers. Previously, RevenovaTMS users would have to manually quote, insure, and add insurance costs to Customer Quotes to insure their freight through Falvey Insurance. Now, customers can fully automate the insurance process at the customer level.

8. New Documentation Library –

As part of the 7.11 release, Revenova is launching a new documentation library available to all RevenovaTMS users. The library includes information on all TMS aspects from explaining basic features to technical guidance into customizing the product. Customers are able to access the library through the Revenova Learning Center.

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