Revenova and Flowwolf partner to bring modernized EDI and AI-driven document processing

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Bannockburn, IL. – Revenova and Flowwolf have joined forces to streamline the process of communications with trading partners and carriers via EDI and email communications channels.   Flowwolf ensures clients are able to connect quickly, efficiently, and reliably with their partners through modernized EDI to process load tenders and status updates bi-directionally between Revenova TMS and trading partner systems.  In addition, Flowwolf document workflow leverages highly tuned optical character recognition (OCR) and AI technology to process documents automatically and efficiently.   It quickly parses complex documents to deliver accurate information about the contents and deliver both images and data into Revenova TMS eliminating manual data entry and time-consuming review processes.

“We leverage our years of logistics systems experience and knowledge to ensure that your integrations fulfill the efficiencies you planned for. Whether it is EDI, API, OCR or the latest AI, we can get you integrated and running quickly so you can realize the gains on your investment sooner than later. With an end-to-end integration process that doesn’t stop with the transaction, we’re with our users all the way,” said Jason Doris, co-founder of Flowwolf.

“Our partnership with Flowwolf allows our customers to leverage state-of-the-art AI-based solutions to exchange load tenders, load status and documents more quickly, efficiently and economically across EDI, API and Email channels.  The team at Flowwolf has a lot of experience integrating with our platform and has delivered solutions that fit nicely into existing TMS workflows,” said Michael Horvath, CMO and co-founder at Revenova.

About Revenova

Revenova is a cloud application provider of CRM-powered transportation management solutions (TMS) for freight brokers, 3PL/4PLs, carriers and shippers.  Our solutions improve the process of pricing, booking, tracking and settling freight shipments by aligning customers, carriers and co-workers more efficiently and intelligently.  Deployed on the #1 cloud ecosystem for business applications,, RevenovaTMS delivers unprecedented business results and operational efficiency at affordable subscription rates.   Visit

About Flowwolf

Flowwolf is an integration and process platform built for carriers, shippers, warehousing and brokers.  Our platform allows for quick integrations across any system.  Now you can test new tools or transition from legacy systems more quickly and efficiently.  Flowwolf levels the playing field by making the latest supply chain technology accessible to all. Visit

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