Revenova expands TMS suite with upgraded fleet operations

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Bannockburn, Ill. – Revenova, a leader in CRM-powered transportation management solutions, unveils its next generation fleet management module for Revenova TMS.

Revenova TMS: Fleet Operations streamlines asset-based companies for sales and marketing through planning, service and accounting. Advanced management tools, configurable workflows, and business analytics empower every stakeholder in fleet management from office staff to drivers to work more efficiently. The new features provide real-time collaboration, a single console view for all fleet operations, and dynamic trip planning functionality no matter how many drivers, legs, assets, or loads.

Developed on the Salesforce cloud platform, the Revenova TMS: Fleet Operations module shares a common application foundation with the Revenova TMS: Brokerage module. Building on a common platform empowers companies to deploy one or both modules seamlessly at any time to meet the needs of their business today and into the future. The Salesforce foundation provides the most flexible and efficient deployment model supporting thousands of plug-and-play applications in an open marketplace.

“This module was developed based on customer and market demands for more efficient and flexible solutions for trucking,” said Michael Horvath, co-founder and CMO of Revenova. “Trucking companies often have brokerage operations and work with external operators and freight brokers while 3PLs often broker freight and manage a fleet simultaneously. Same with shippers that do it in-house. Our approach leverages a common platform for both modules and allows customers to focus on innovation over integration.”

Revenova TMS: Fleet Operations features fleet management, asset management, trailer management, route planning and dispatch, appointment management, incident management, fleet maintenance and inspection management, electronic logging (supporting 40+ ELD devices), driver pay, accounting and more.

“We’re restructuring the industry with this module,” Revenova Senior Product Manager Bruce Odum, who led the development, said. “We jokingly call it ‘The Easy Button’ system: matching a driver with a truck? One click – that was easy. Want to put two trucks on one load in separate legs of the trip? One click – that was easy. Want to chat in real time with all the stakeholders on a load in your org? Type it up, send it with one click – that was easy.”

About Revenova

Founded in 2014, Revenova was the first company to launch a fully functional transportation management system on Salesforce. Leveraging the Salesforce platform, open API, security, and investment in research and development, Revenova has grown to serve 9 of the top 150 brokerages in North America. The ecosystem of 45 partner integrations and 4000+ compatible apps available through Salesforce allow thousands of worldwide users of Revenova TMS to customize and configure the transportation management system for their company’s unique success.  Revenova TMS: Fleet Operations is set to be available for customers starting in June 2024.

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