Revenova launches ‘TMS Analytics’ to provide advanced data insights for freight industry

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Bannockburn, Ill. – This week, Revenova launched a brand new feature: TMS Analytics. The AI-powered analytics add-on empowers RevenovaTMS customers to gain advanced insights on their business.

“There can be so many pieces of data that go uncaptured, or things that you are trying to capture that you can’t seem to figure out how to track and use it effectively,” Liam Purcell, a Product Manager for Revenova, said. “The fact that it’s just happening all right on the TMS and integrates seamlessly makes it so simple and so easy.”

Purcell led the project to develop TMS Analytics for Revenova. According to the product manager, the analytics tool will revolutionize how customers use RevenovaTMS. Through a variety of machine learning and predictive modeling capabilities, TMS Analytics provides new observations for customers to act on.

“At Revenova, we’re logistics industry people ourselves,” Purcell said. “We’re folks who have been in those roles on the sales side of a brokerage, a forwarder, account executives and managers. The ways that we’ve had to find these insights and do this reporting in the past was a little bit manual. It was usually too difficult to fit into the day-to-day schedule.”

Tom Hoban, the Senior Application Architect who built the data analytics package for Revenova, praised the new product for how much it will help company leaders.

“What’s been delivered in this first phase is reports and dashboards that look really great,” Hoban said. “You’re going to have CEOs and and C-suite people looking at that some of the things that are showing up on those dashboards. A lot of middle management at these trucking firms and logistic firms are going to be using it too.”

…start reaping those benefits from day one.

Hoban and Purcell worked closely to create the package over the summer to further build out AI and machine learning-driven capabilities offered through RevenovaTMS.

“TMS Analytics is a visualization tool,” Purcell said. “In its simplest terms, it is a way to take all this data that comes up in the day-to-day world of logistics, and show users graphics, charts, and maps to help make the right business decisions. Reporting can be limiting without the right tools to create advantages from your information. With this tool, it’s so easy to just pull the data right out of RevenovaTMS and into the the graphic representations of your business. The second you turn it on, it’s already creating value.”

“Analytics is an extension of Salesforce’s reporting and dashboard capabilities,” Hoban said. “It seamlessly works with both your internal and external data sources and systems.”

Purcell added the pre-built analytic dashboards include ‘Business Overview,’ ‘Carrier Performance,’ ‘Lane Analysis,’ and ‘Sales Snapshot.’ Each of the views provides data analytics demonstrated with comprehensive graphs and charts to give business owners actionable insight. Beyond the four dashboards, users can create their own to dive deep and explore their own data for unique intelligence. The tool’s predictive modeling capabilities help move business decisions forward.

“The beauty is if you’re an expert and you really get into some of the more complicated use cases, you can build your own dashboards and predictions,” Purcell said. “You can explore your data from multiple sources in a single view, so you can really take it to the next level. What we do is just make it easy for you to start reaping those benefits from day one.”

Watch Purcell highlight and demo TMS Analytics in the video below or Request a Demo:

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