Trimble Maps expands footprint in Revenova’s Fleet Ops module

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Chicago, Ill. – “PC*Miler and Trimble Maps are the standard for time and distance calculations,” Andy Miller, Business Development Manager for Trimble Maps, said.

In 2015, Revenova added PC*Miler and Trimble Maps to its laundry list of partnerships. Since then, the integration has only grown.

“We are a very, very partner-centric, partner-first organization,” Miller noted. “We work heavily with brokers, carriers, shippers, and a long tail of other technology providers. Our goal is always to enable customers to open doors, enable you to reach a broader market, and to have confidence with the answers that your technology provides.”

PC*Miler and Trimble Maps have always played a large role in the Revenova TMS: Brokerage offering. Now, with Revenova launching its new Fleet Operations module, the integration will only grow more robust.

“They have the best transportation network in the industry, period.” Bruce Odum, Senior Product Manager at Revenova, emphasized. “With our integration in our Fleet module, I can have preferred lanes. I can mark routes as ‘Do Not Use.’ I can put it in ‘Avoid,’ and the system will reroute around it. You can base it on trucking routes, you can avoid toll routes. It can be tailored easily.”

While Trimble Maps and PC*Miler work in the background, Revenova TMS users feel the impact of the partnership. Trimble Maps has many partners, but for Miller, he added the Revenova integration and product stands out.

“Revenova has taken a very innovative look at this particular partnership,” Miller highlighted. “Always asking, ‘What’s next? What are you working on? What else can we do together?’ And I think that’s key and really core to any any particular partnership. Because of that, we’ve explored a lot of different options that can bring more value to Revenova’s existing base. It’s not just, ‘Revenova is designed to do this.’ It’s, ‘Revenova can do this, and so much more.”

Inside both Revenova modules, PC*Miler and Trimble Maps are built in to lower the overall cost of transportation.

“It all comes down to the best route,” Odum added. “Every penny counts in transportation. Anything that you can do to shave off and get the best route per mile and driver satisfaction in understanding where rest stops are and proper fueling stations. Those are all extremely important.”

“Something that we’ve done well, when I look at our two organizations, is we’ve come together; we’ve identified our synergies and where we can work together to provide more compelling technology and more compelling value to the broader market,” Miller concluded. “I commend Revenvoa on that approach to explore what else they can give their customer base and their future customer base that is adding value.”

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