Revenova unveils new documentation library for all users

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Bannockburn, Ill. – In Revenova‘s new 7.11 TMS release, the tech company launched a new documentation library for all users to include information on all TMS aspects from explaining basic features to technical guidance into customizing the product.

“This new library will now be our customer’s live documentation platform where they will find all releases from RevenovaTMS 7.7 onward,” Paul Mathewson, Revenova’s Technical Writer overseeing the library, said. “Users will be able to find documents such as the Install Guide, Web Services guide, etc.”

Mathewson added because the site will be updated regularly, customers won’t need to sift through potentially outdated PDF documents anymore.

“Our goal for this platform is to reduce the amount of stale PDFs as well as provide detailed, high-quality documentation on all of our packaged features,” Mathewson said. “Personally, I’m most excited about the new search feature. Customers will save time navigating the interconnected features and details of RevenovaTMS within the new library. Users will find content easily by clicking the section title in the Table of Contents and automatically navigating to that portion of the document.”

The library releases with RevenovaTMS 7.11. The new version of Revenova’s flagship product focuses heavily on automation. While some steps may need to be taken to properly set up flows and automation, the documentation library will have the resources needed for users to troubleshoot and make changes on their own.

“The documentation library is all-encompassing, allowing quick accessibility to all features the TMS has to offer,” Chanel Blount, Revenova’s Quality Assurance Manager, said. “These articles are kept up to date in real time, leaving no room for out-of-date information to be consumed. Hyperlinks and tags within articles allow for easy understanding as users navigate through a feature. We strive to allow our customers to self-serve. This new platform is just one of the many tools provided to aid in that goal.”

Customers can access the new documentation library through the Revenova Learning Center. With the new update, Revenova will use this as the primary “source of truth” regarding the company’s transportation management system. Mathewson shows the new documentation library and explains the biggest differences in the video below.

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