FreightWaves SONAR, RevenovaTMS improve pricing decisions with real-time spot market rates

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Bannockburn, Ill. – “Having the freshest up-to-date data is crucial,” Nick Persin said of FreightWaves SONAR, a partner integration with RevenovaTMS.

Persin works as a Strategic Partnerships Manager for FreightWaves, nurturing new partner integrations for SONAR.

“We have everything from price discovery, supply and demand metrics, capacity metrics that our customers use to do bids to forecasts to find any type of issues that’ll come up,” Persin added. “They are able to be proactive versus reactive in the market.”

“RevenovaTMS includes real-time rating tools that empower users to make informed spot market pricing decisions,” Revenova co-founder Michael Horvath said. “The integration with SONAR adds a deep source of market data to leverage when determining offer rates and max pay amounts on a specific lane.”

According to Persin, SONAR sets itself apart from other data aggregation services because of the sheer speed of functionality.

“Most of our data is less than 24 hours old,” Persin emphasized. “You’re getting some of the freshest data. Marrying that up with modern technology that lives on the cloud is something that our customers demand at this point.”

Built on the Salesforce platform, RevenovaTMS provides the cloud-based structure making it secure, scalable, and reliable for all users.

“Our TMS is designed to empower customer and carrier sales teams with the data, tools and automation needed to quickly make informed pricing decisions ,” Horvath added. “The ability to instantly see what spot market rates look like while pricing a load using SONAR reduces the time and effort needed to book loads at acceptable margins.”

“From my experience, if you make the customer’s life difficult to get set up, the chances of adoption and stickiness tend to go down,” Persin noted. “With the Revenova integration, it’s very simple. We can just enter our API credentials, hit save, and they see the data. The more you can give your customers with fewer steps the better. That’s one of the things I really value about the partnership with Revenova.”

Persin also praised Revenova’s regular updates.

“When you do an upgrade, there’s no delays or multiple days to do update,” Persin added. “It’s a link to download, and you have that latest version. It’s kind of the same deal with our API’s. We want to get those there as quickly as possible in the manner that our customers want.”

Revenova rolls out major product updates three times per year, providing customers with fresh features, updated integrations, and streamlined workflows. Learn more about the partnership between Revenova and FreightWaves SONAR in the video interview with Persin below or Request a Demo..

Are you a RevenovaTMS user? Try FreightWaves SONAR’s TRAC feature for 30 days, free! (Trial begins on 10/16, ends 11/16)

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FreightWaves SONAR and Revenova are partnering to provide a free 30-day trial of TRAC for RevenovaTMS customers.