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bitfreighter touts itself as an integration platform operating in the EDI space.

As bitfreighter ‘revolutionizes the EDI space,’ leadership partnered with Revenova because of the TMS’ longevity

Chicago, Ill. – When CEO Brad Perling and VP of Sales Dave McCoy launched bitfreighter nearly four years ago, they wanted to partner with transportation management systems like Revenova knowing the TMS would last. “There’s a small handful of TMSs that we were very focused on in the beginning,” McCoy said. “A lot of that […]


Bitfreighter was founded by frustrated logistics executives looking for a way to integrate with their shippers. It seemed like there was only one place to turn for EDI integrations in our industry. This being the only option left a gap in our industry for someone to expose the lack of service and outrageous pricing that was taking place.

Bitfreighter is on a mission to help brokers and carriers succeed through winning more freight and creating operational efficiencies by providing a scalable, automated integration platform paired with uncommonly outstanding service.

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