As bitfreighter ‘revolutionizes the EDI space,’ leadership partnered with Revenova because of the TMS’ longevity

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Chicago, Ill. – When CEO Brad Perling and VP of Sales Dave McCoy launched bitfreighter nearly four years ago, they wanted to partner with transportation management systems like Revenova knowing the TMS would last.

“There’s a small handful of TMSs that we were very focused on in the beginning,” McCoy said. “A lot of that has to do with the number of customers that are on the TMS and the knowledge that the TMS is not going anywhere.”

“We’re revolutionizing the EDI space, but we’re not an EDI company,” Perling added. “We’re an integration platform. EDI is just a construct in which to receive and send data in a formalized process.”

bitfreighter touts itself as the EDI for the freight industry. As it relates to the industry, bitfreighter offers “unlimited everything” and helps customers scale their business.

“Our mission is to help brokerages scale with their shippers and have 90% connectivity with their customers,” Perling said. “Any shipper that they’re doing more than 10 loads a week with, we think it makes sense for them to be EDI compliant or using some sort of connectivity that increases efficiencies within their operation. That’s a big piece of why when we partner with Everest. They really only had one trading partner for as big as they were, and we’ve really helped them scale over the last 12 to 18 months to 40 plus trading partners.”

Eric Littel, the Chief Technology Officer for Everest Transportation Systems, praised bitfreighter’s EDI connections through RevenovaTMS.

“That’s one of the one of our selling points is we’re a white glove handhold type of type of brokerage,” Littel said. “That’s why Revenova is so great: You do the TMS perfect. You don’t want to deal with EDI natively, and that allows me to pick the best vendor for EDI. I like the way bitfreighter does it, so I’m going to use them for EDI.”

Littel is only one RevenovaTMS customer who utilizes bitfreighter, according to Revenova’s VP of Sales Jeff Parisi.

“I still get calls from brokers saying, ‘Hey we need to support EDI with a customer and our TMS doesn’t do it,'” Parisi said. “One of the things that I loved about bitfreighter as a partner, is they make it easy for our customers. When I know they’re using bitfreighter, I don’t have any issues, and they don’t have any issues. They’re up and running. They’re able to automate their business.”

RevenovaTMS helps brokers, shippers, 3pls, and carriers automate much of their business. Partners like bitfreighter help make that possible.

“We were built for the freight industry,” McCoy said. “It’s not just that we have a focus on it or a department or anything like that. Everyone on staff has freight backgrounds. We understand what’s needed in the freight space.”

As two VPs of Sales, McCoy and Parisi agree consolidated workflows and automation are keys to business success like that of Everest.

“Our CEO ran a large brokerage before co-founding Revenova.  His team had to deal with several TMSs, a different CRM system and struggled to get consolidated reporting.  They had no visibility into the complete picture of both their customer and carrier relationships.  It was inefficient.” Parisi said. “Our vision was to develop a multimodal, multi-currency, multi-lingual TMS directly on the Salesforce platform to eliminate the swivel chair approach of using separate applications and screens.  In addition, we deliver packaged integrations to make it easy for customers to use solutions like bitfreighter.  In less than 15 minutes our customers are ready to bring on trading partners through bitfrieghter.  Today we work with some of the largest brokers in North America.”

“We’re always going to be focused on EDI, automatic quoting to spot boards, and real time rating. As shifts start to come in those spaces with real-time rating and instant pricing, we’ll be on the cutting edge of that,” McCoy said. “Working with Revenova is great. Everyone on the sales team is fantastic. Your support division is a pleasure to work with day to day. We’re looking forward to expanding on our partnership in the future.”

To learn more about bitfreighter and Revenova’s partnership and integration, watch the video interview with McCoy below or Request a Demo.

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