With RevenovaTMS, SMC³ provides LTL insights, freight optimization, visibility API’s to boost customer business

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Bannockburn, Ill. – For more than 85 years, SMC³ has set the standard for shipment life cycle information and insights. Partnering with RevenovaTMS, the SMC³ suite of products and information has evolved.

“It truly has been a collaborative partnership in understanding Revenova‘s needs, understanding their customers needs,” Kendra Miller, Senior Director of Alliances and Client Success at SMC³, said. “What I really see about Revenova is their willingness to really listen to their customers and understand their customers needs. They want to build solutions that their customers can utilize.”

To put that collaboration into focus, Revenova and SMC³ compare product roadmaps regularly to make sure business customer goals align. SMC³ touts its less-than-truckload freight transport expertise with good reason. More than 5,000 North American shippers, carriers, logistics service providers (LSPs) and freight-payment companies rely on SMC³’s technology to succeed and grow, according to SMC³.

“We provide API technology. We also recognize that EDI is here, and it’s not going away anytime soon,” Miller added. “Looking at things and how we can work together from a technology standpoint, and, ‘What’s the opportunity to bring those things together,’ that ultimately is providing the end user, the customer, with more information to make better decisions within their supply chain.”

Within RevenovaTMS, users can take advantage of SMC³ to optimize their business performance through SMC³’s RateWare XL and Carrier Connect.

“With the RateWare XL integration configured, anytime a user enters a new load and hits save, the system immediately attempts to automatically rate it for them using the integration,” Dave Romanchuk, Revenova’s Director of Product Management, said. “There’s no need for the sales rep to go out and assess the spot market to get pricing on the lane. They don’t have to do any kind of analysis. It’s all contract-based, which eliminates all uncertainty and potential impacts from spot market fluctuations. These contracts are all about efficiency.”

When the COVID-19 pandemic set in, Miller saw it as a greater spotlight on the freight industry due to supply chain challenges. With SMC³’s heavy focus on less-than-truckload shipments, the pandemic exposed the need for improved visibility across the supply chain.

“With the pandemic, technology played an even greater role in the need to understand what’s going on with your supply chain: how things are moving, having visibility to that freight movement, and also understanding use cases around, ‘How can we use that technology?'” Miller noted. “Whether I’m a shipper or a third party logistics company or a carrier, how can that technology help in making decisions that are going to help my business, and ultimately move specific product.”

Because SMC³ and Revenova have worked together since 2016, Romanchuk and Miller collaborate on future API integrations and product roadmaps.

“The services that SMC³ provides – the inclusive of tariff pricing, rating and shipment visibility APIs – is standard throughout the industry. Everybody uses it, so it’s very important,” Romanchuk added.

“What I really see about Revenova is their willingness to really listen to their customers and understand their customers’ needs, and they want to build solutions that their customers can utilize,” Miller said.

To learn more about SMC³ and Revenova’s partnership and integration, watch the video interview with Miller below or Request a Demo.

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